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How Judges Determine Your Bail

Upon getting arrested, a person will spend time in jail until bail is met. This is when a specific amount of money is put up, and it will be returned to the person on the condition that the arrested individual makes his or her court date. It is essentially a security to make sure you show up to court. Bail amounts can vary widely because several factors need to be considered. 

Seriousness of Crime

Generally, being charged with a more serious crime will result in a higher bail amount when compared to a misdemeanor. Additionally, the amount of evidence against you can also affect how much you need to put as bail. 

Prior Convictions

If this is your first offense, then you can expect a lower bail amount than someone with several previous convictions. In the event the person has a warrant out against them, then it is possible a judge would not set any bail amount, and the person would have to stay in jail. 

Risk of Flight

Judges are sometimes worried that an arrested party will flee before a court date. If that is a viable worry, then a higher bail may be set to entice the individual to actually appear in court. 
Judges weigh a lot of factors to determine bail, and it is usually something fair. If you require help paying your bail, then call Albert Ramirez Bail Bonds.