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Bailing Someone Out of Jail

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Although most people hope that the time never comes that they may need to know how to bail someone out of jail, it's better to have the advice and never need it. Don’t find yourself in the unfortunate predicament without a clue as to what to do.

Conditions of Bail

Bail, or bond as it is sometimes referred to, is the process of a person who has been arrested being freed from jail between the time of arrest and trial. In some cases, a person may be set free without having to pay bail. This is known as being freed one’s "own recognizance." Typically, a fee is required before a person is allowed to be freed from jail after an arrest that requires a court date. The person who pays the bail then becomes responsible for the arrestee.

Finding Out the Amount

Bail is set by a judge and the amount depends on the crime committed, the background of the arrested person and the assessment of flight risk of that person. Persons posting bail have to call the jail where the arrestee is detained to obtain the amount. Forms of payment differ among jurisdictions, so those paying bail should be aware of acceptable payment methods beforehand.
While the process is not difficult, bailing someone out of jail requires trust and patience. For assistance with bail bonds, contact Albert Ramirez Bail Bonds.